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January 07, 2009



Say what you want about the novels, but don't you dare dis the music ;-) If I had been older and more adventurous, I would have been a groupie!

Wow! You really did a lot last year. I don't think you should restrict yourself to 12 that are in the WIP stage. You might come across some fabulous pattern that you absolutely have to knit. And re-stashing? I'm giving myself 3 opportunities!


oh, yeah.
I'm right there with you...
seriously, same decade and all that, with an equally *challenging*
group of high school classmates.
It is TRULY helpful to remember from the parenting aspect, though...
Blessings for a joyous New Year...
and you cracked me up with the *I might need to buy yarn to calm down*
Apparently, we are long lost SISTERS!


Your high school sounds interesting. Mine hasn't produced anyone that famous as far as I know.

25th High School reunion coming up for me this year. I'm still not sure if I will attend or not. I graduated from high school a year early, in order to fit in a year of being a foreign exchange student between high school & college. (& thus started the knitting obsession...) The folks in my graduating class are mostly not people with whom I had any classes in high school, so I felt a bit out of place at the 20th.

I am going to have to open a stash box or two for My NaKniSweMoDo stash knitting. My "This is very bad" moment came when I realized that I was onto the second page of queued Ravelry sweaters & still having sweater's worths of stash left to match up to queued patterns. I can do NaKniSweMoDo out into 2012 & still be knitting from stash.


Hmm. Did we see pictures of all those projects?!

Interestingly, I'll never be notified of any of my high school reunions. I ran away from home in 11th grade and didn't finish high school in a traditional manner. It's a little weird. I do hear some tidbits from a friend who was a year ahead of me.


Anmiryam- Reunions can be bittersweet- as most of us didn't have the greatest high school experience. Probably because you're a teenager, and it can be rough.

I myself always look forward, never back, so I don't tend to take part in that stuff.


I didn't go to my last high school year reunion and sort of regret it. I decided I will go to the next one and just not worry about it.

I love that you might need to buy yarn to calm yourself from the stress of having a large stash.

I can knit all of the sweaters from stash and possibly have yarn left over for 2-3 sweaters. I'd be ok with that amount. I, too, signed up for NaKniSweMoDo. Can't wait to see what you wind up with!


I missed the part where it's about the finishing lol, enjoy the fun of yours while listening to some of those great tunes :)

It's good to empathize with your teens, I'm sure they will appreciate it....eventually, being teens ;-)


Your high school sounds great. One of the advantages/disadvantages of growing up in a small town like Haveford is that you know what everyone's doing even without facebook. I bet you could finish 15 sweaters in a year- 12 from you WIP pile and 3 new ones, when the patterns strike your fancy. What do you think?

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