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December 03, 2008



#3 was what I was afraid off. Hence, the "ransom" note!

Promise me, no queueing, no favouriting, no more #3s and I'll think about letting you keep your stash ;-)

By the way, good job! I'm proud of you and Rona expects to be at the dinner table on Christmas since she missed out on Thanksgiving.


I'm hoping Rona will make it to dinner on Saturday!


It's marvelous, no matter how much time it took! Or, er... will take...
The sweater will look great at Christmas.


Bummer that you didn't make your deadline, but you are making wonderful progress on the sweater. You're really close to getting 'er done!


It's not how long it takes you to finish, it's that you finish it!!! Those front button bands will be easy, and you'll be wearing this sweater soon -- can't wait to see a photo of you modelling it!!!


Dang, you are really close! Don't give up now!!


Anmiryam- Once you've done the sleeves, you're home free. Looks terrific.


If you are a piker, I am a piker squared, an uber-piker, the pikers have named a queen and I am she. Sigh.

Your piker pal,

Ilana (who is trying to remember that it's not a race, this knitting thing.)


Pretty! That dog can really knit :)

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