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June 28, 2008



Going on the photos alone your vacation must have been spectacular! Did you bring home any lopi?


Isn't Ravelry a great way to postpone the inevitable ;-)

Well, that pic answers the kids question as to whether puffins can fly. Great shot!


That sign sure doesn't pull any punches, does it?! Great photos! Have you read John McPhee's The Control of Nature? That town in Iceland where they tried to cool the lava is one of the things he focuses on. (The other two are wildfires in the hills of southern California, leading to mudslides, and the Mississippi River in Louisiana.)


I had hoped to get to Iceland this year, but it will probably have to wait until next year. You're pictures are fantastic!


Anmiryam- The photos are fascinating- this is a place most of us will probably never get to see.

How was the wool situation there?


LOVE Elephant Rock!
You know how people say things like, "And over to your left you'll see an outcropping shaped like Mona Lisa."
And you're all, "Where?? Where???"
Well, FINALLY, with Elephant Rock, I see it, I SEE IT!
Thanks for enticing us to see this beautiful land!


Stunning landscape. Now on my list of places to visit.


I wanna go! Do you think it would be a very puppy friendly country?


Wow. How gorgeous!



Steph VW

Wow... your pictures are beautiful! You must have had a spectacular time!


Hey! I was excited to get your comment on the blog tonight! How are you? I've linked you to my usual email address, so we can keep in touch. Writing this, I feel like I'm signing a high school year book.

Kathy Sue

I have made a copy of the Puffin in flight for my Mom. She loves the dear little birds, and will be thrilled with such a clear picture of one actually being a bird!

Looks like an amazing place, does Iceland.

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