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June 03, 2008



Two weeks is a blink of time in the scheme of things. For example, how far past your due date did you carry your daughter? Subtract that from your total. How many times did you wake up at 3am for her? Drive her to a friend's house? I think when you add up all the time she'll owe YOU a few sweaters.


Tomorrow, as in 06/04/2008? It's a date! Be still my heart!

Good idea to get rid of some of those extra seams. Now I know where to get help for matching increases/decreases when I do a FI with princess lines ;-)


Hee hee - busted you! :) That looks like a really cozy hoodie. I'm WAY lazy - I would've knit the whole darn thing in the round, seams be damned.

We're demanding commenters, aren't we?!


Glad to hear it's done and a success. And really, even if late, it was fast in the grand scheme of things.

Carrie K

Projected finishing times, in knitspeak, include a built in annual cushion.

At least mine do.

Very nice hood! A wee small for the moon but perfect for a teenager.


Hey, but you did finish it. Thats what counts!


Anmiryam- My daughter would have said it was "sick" or "whack"-


Anmiryam- I tagged you for a meme on the blog. If you don't feel like doing it, don't sweat it.


Would you mind helping me with the pattern? I'm an infant in the big world of knitting. So I've got all my pieces done, XL hood sewn on, ribbing finished, but those arm/top-front-to-back seams are buggers. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what is supposed to go where.


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