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December 11, 2007



::: big sigh ::: I don't learn, do I?

That's the good thing about blankets. You can make them as small as a baby blanket or lap blanket, if you get tired of it ;-) I'm very tempted by the lizard ridge, but I'll wait to see yours. Soon, right?


Oh oh, Marina isn't going to be pleased!


Rona will be worked on when there is peace in the land? If that were my house, I might never get to it.

No, those two projects haven't seen the light of blog.

I love the Moderne Blanket and keep thinking I will do that one too.


I could knit 10 Ronas before I'd ever finish Lizard Ridge.

A little backwards- I know.

At what point does peace enter into it? It hasn't happened yet.

Carrie K

Don't let them bother you. WIP's become FO's in their own good time.

At least I hope so.

Lizard Ridge and the Moderne Log Cabin and Rona? That's a lot of knitting.

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