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December 03, 2007



Sure am, especially since I have only one hour more of knitting on Mary T! Less than 3 weeks for the whole thing, so you can finish Rona before the New Year.

Congrats on Banff. Gorgeous colour. I need one like that! And the mitts look great.

Steph VW

Banff looks like a super cozy sweater. Perfect for the writer at home!

The mitts are cute too - invigorating colours - good for inspiration!

BTW - 6lbs. How are you doing?


Congrats on Banff - big cushy sweaters are my favorite. :)

Heh, that's exactly how things go for me when I join -alongs!


Well, fwiw, the daily posting was hard to keep up for me. So I wasn't too upset by it. Sorry you didn't reach all of your goals. Banff turned out well!

Carrie K

Oh, the mitts are so cute! and congrats on the sweater, it's really cute. It's the ones I don't sign up for that I do myself.


Anmiryam- Did I spell that right? That's exactly what's needed in the dead of winter, a big cozy pink sweater-

I like the detail on the mitts- so cute!

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