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November 01, 2005



I have to laugh. I did mine in a single strand of cascade 220 (another amy, another cascade 220) and I checked the pattern no fewer than 9 times to make sure I was doing it right because it felt too thin to me.

I'm still not convinced I shouldn't have doubled it, I bet yours will wear better.


Uh oh! Oh well, maybe your fuzzy feet will just be a little fuzzier than a single-stranded pair! Cheers-


Oh, I bet they'll be fine! They look amazing -- love the color -- and your model is adorable as well ;)

Stephanie VW

OMG - Those are going to be some seriously warm slippers. They're so tiny, too. Are they for one of the girls?

Some knitters who frequent my LYS did the same thing last year. Whoopsie!


It never ceases to amaze me how, just when I think things are going oh, so well! wham! the knitting gremlins grab my knitting by the bells. Since I'm a bit of a beginner, this happens more often than not.

Hope the doubling works out. They are beautiful. And someone seems to like them already. :)


Those socks on the very top of your post are beautiful!!! What pattern are those from?


Well, I am eagerly awaiting Anmiryan and Amy's felting results. I have some Cascade 220 that has been calling out to me to be knitted into the Fuzzy Feet but I am very afraid. For the time being, I will continue on with my red and black Lamb's Pride pair and wait for these two to felt theirs. Good luck to both of you!!! :)


LOVE those socks! Cute Fuzzy Feet too :)


I'm agreeing, the socks look awesome in that pattern, what pattern is that? I love it!

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