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November 21, 2005



It's OK --- it's LITE yarn! You can buy twice as much and still be getting the same thrill as with regular! ;)


Do you hear that? It's the sound of money flying out of my bank account.

Tara L

I hear in rehab you only meet other people who help fuel your problem. So...really?

You should just stick with blogging. Because your readers can do the same thing for you.

PS. Thanks for giving me a new yarn to obsess over even though it's not available for purchase yet. Woo hoo!!


Oh great ! I suppose they'll offer up a superb knitting book of amazing designs too. Any idea when this will launch?


I sat here and said to myself "Don't click on the link, be strong, ignore it, you have more than enough to keep yourself busy" So what did I do?...I'm doomed.


ooooh...I heard this was coming out! Yes...must...restrain...myself. BTW, You know you are invited anytime if you make it to DC!


My husband, who pays all the bills, hates you.


wow, I totally didn't need to know about that yarn....the bulky weight was the only thing that kept me sane with the noro before.


There's a lot of mohair in there (and I'm allergic to that) so how many times do you think I'll buy it hoping I won't break out this time?

Pat Winston

Has anyone tried knitting the Lotorp bag with Silk Garden Lite? I am trying it and wondering what size needles to use. Size 6 seems so small for the bag. Any ideas?

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