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November 28, 2005


Nancy Budner

Both the bag and hat look great. The colors are terrific. Small quickly done projects are great - they provide almost instant gradification, good for the soul.


I hadn't realized the bag was constructed that way...how cool. Oh, I can't believe you are starting a Mermaid! I have been fighting the temptation to buy one of that kit for weeks now. It's going to kill me or break me watching you knit this! :)


I thought of you this weekend while watching A Close Shave. I was so excited to find the 3 original shorts on DVD at Walmart for finally a good price.

Your right scandanavian designers/knitters are amazing. The bag is very nice.


Ooh, endless stashes of any color of Kureyon must be a good thing.


That bag is really cool - but is it cool enough to buy the whole book...


Very cool knits! I know what you mean about those Scandinavians - sigh! (Speaking of which I saw some beautiful Kosta Boda "snowball" crystal votive holders at a Scandinavian furniture store last week... what *is* it about Scandinavian design?) Have a great week!


OMG!!!! That bag is amazing. You have got to tell me more about its construction.

I just saw an advertisement for a yarn trip/excursion where Vivian Hoxboro is one of the instructors. Wouldn't that be awesome?


Where did you get the new Noro book? From Barbara? She didn't have it 2 weeks ago when I was there looking for it. And Damn you for pointing out the Silk Garden light. You enabler you.


awesome bag!
I love Wallace and Gromit and have subscribed to your blog!


The bag has such a good shape and to think it is made up of those odd looking pieces. Lovely colours too.


Isn't that bag just the coolest? I'm working on one in Iro that I'm ignoring because, frankly, the Iro makes my hands hurt.


ALL those colors are wonderful! This might sound kind of dorky - but they really look "juicy" to me - bright and vibrant - just beautiful!

I just got my needles(!) for my Fuzzy Feet. I promise to start them NO later than this weekend. Really. I really promise. Sheesh. (They are going to be about the 7th project going at once. HoHoHo.)


I love your stripes! I gotta get me some Noro. Speaking of which, do you think the colors in the Silk Garden Lite repeat more frequently since the gauge is smaller? Or did they just make the sections longer so the effect is the same as Silk Garden, just in a smaller gauge?


You did a great job on the bag and the hat. I love the colorways and how they play! I've been really behind on starting on Fuzzy Feet, but I have my needles and I'm cast on, so I hope to have an update very soon on those!


Wow that bag is seriously cool! Thank you for commenting on my son's sweater....At least it was too big instead of too small!

Stephanie VW

Didn't I already comment?


What's wrong with me?
(don't answer that)

The bag is BEAUTIFUL! Curse you Gromit and your beautiful handknits. You make me want to buy more yarn.

(You know I'm not really cursing you right? I mean, I love that bag and I'll be accosting my LYS owner about the book.)


I love that bag! I'm going to have to find the book. That will use up some of the Kureyon I have now that I don't have a use assigned for. Hmm, I really like it alot. The colors you chose for Mermaid are just beautiful. I will enjoy watching your progress on this one.

Oh and check my blog tomorrow, I should have an update with a completed pic of the fuzzy feet.


That bag is cool - hmm, suddenly I have a strange urge to buy the Noro Revisited book...


what a fabulous bag! very cool construction, and colors too.


It looks great! Thanks for the progress photo -- I'm working on the same bag and was very confused about how it would turn out. Quick question -- did you get gauge with yours? I got stitch gauge with 5s but not row gauge and am wondering if I should worry about it. Thanks!

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