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September 22, 2005



Oh no, that's too bad about River. I am knitting it too, and know just how easy it is to get off track!


Bummer about the River. Clap looks great though. The colors are beautiful. I love Lorna's. Is that the tuscany colorway?


Sorry to hear about your knitting snafus but if it makes you feel any better, the picture of the clapotis has inspired me.

I am in my own clapotis hell. But your pic just gave me the fire I needed to get crackin'!


Sorry to hear about River's mishap. These things happen to me all the time too. But your Clapotis is beautiful. Have fun at Stitches East.


I love Lion & Lamb! I used it to make Dorothy Siemens' Kaleidoscope and it was just yummy. Your Clapotis is absolutely beauteous!

Stephanie VW

Gromit is such a lovely knitter. He really does you proud.


That settles it - I really must get some lion and lamb...clapotee looks(and looked) great...in person!
sorry about river. it'll all work out!

Chela Jane

The clapotis is lovely, but I have to tell you that I am so terribly dismayed that you don't get passport stamps anymore! How horrible! Last time I was in the "EU" was in 2000 in Italy and Germany, got stamps on both borders... crumbs. All that knitting and no stamps to show.

The shawl is lovely. Well worth a few stamps of its own.

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