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April 14, 2005



I love me some Adrienne Vittadini designs. They're always so beautiful and taylored.


You are SUCH a cheater. A nice glass of wine and I may be persuaded to forgive you.


I keep coming back to your blog to look at that beautiful wrap. You inspired me to get out my new Alpaca Cloud yarn to knit a wrap. (Shh! don't tell anyone but I'm stealing your idea!) I love the beads on you wrap. I want to put beads on mine too. I'm trying to figure out how to knit them onto the individual stitches instead of suspending them between stitches. I don't want to pre-string the beads and then have to push them along the yarn. How did you knit your beads? Again, your wrap is amazing!


Hee hee hee.... I first read crazy Aunt Pearl from the link on your site... She is CRAZYYYYY!!! We are all crazy!!!!!!
I'm glad you stalked us both or we would never know you!


It's a very nice cardi! I'm glad to have found you too. Does the first bit about the smoke mean that each time we see that picture, we may start another knitting project?

About my blog, I'm afraid I'm a bit too lazy to do a word-by-word translation of my Swedish posts into English, I'll first ramble in Swedish, and then some in English. And hope everything will be covered in both languages...


Beautiful color choice for your sweater. I love the lime green!

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