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April 12, 2005



Thanks for the tips! It looks so nice; I hope it sells for lots at the auction!


Wow! That is beautiful! I love the shine of the ribbon yarn with the beads. I'm sure it's even more stunning in person. You did a great job. I hope it fetches a heavy price at the auction!

What were your blocking issues and how did the dry cleaner help? You got me curious.


It looks beautiful. I have a shawl that's been sitting around 1/2 finished for months now. Just because I dread working with the stupid sequins that are in it. They are so time consuming.


For everyone that reads this blog - this is GORGEOUS in person. You did a hell of a job Anmiryam!


I second Hope's comments! I, too, was lucky enough to see this masterpiece in person. (I told Anmiryam she should have kept it for herself and donated one of her other very fine creations!) It's beautiful!

Secret Pal

Beautiful job! All your hard work definitely paid off.


Gromit you are sooo talented....... it is lovely


THAT IS STUNNING! Gorgeous! Looks hard! Looks scary! Looks purty!

I laughed all over again when I saw your "Mystery" post (again). That top picture about kills me. "Hide your eyes! Hide!" LOL


I MUST get into knitting with beads. It is absolutely beautiful.


That is absolutely gorgeous!! Terrific job!


amazing and gorgeous! the color is rich --- what talent you have:o)

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