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April 04, 2008



Is that why we haven't seen the vacation pics? I feel the same way about pics, but sometimes, they're a great way to delay the decision as to what to knit. Yup! I haven't picked up the needles since I got back.

I love your disclaimer ;-) I would have stopped after the second sock. Oops! I don't knit socks but have been wasting time looking for a CSM for the past few days.

Hmm, no PMs from Rona or Inishmore? Must correct that ;^)


I was worried until I got to the disclaimer! ;)


Hey you, nice to hear from you again! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I know what you mean. The lack of pictures often keeps me from posting too. Must remedy that.

I always enjoy reading you. Have you been writing much?

Good luck on your goals!


Anmiryam- First, I adore the color of your sweater- I too, always miss the boat. I never finish anything in time for the perfect weather.

Your much too hard on yourself. I have more faith in you.

I published a pattern for Noro Quick Socks using Kureyon- the fun is in the colors- but the yarn is cr*p.


Those are all such lovely projects. I'm rooting for you! And, if you can get it all done, maybe that would spur me on to do some knitting at some point in the near future. I've been so busy that all I've gotten done lately is a few rows on a striped stockinette scarf. A bit boring, but at least I knit something, I guess.

Dr. Steph

I love the disclaimer. And don't let photos slow you down--we like to hear from you.


Phew! That's a lot! Heh, you can make up for the rest of us (well, me) that aren't so faithful to their WIPs!

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