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November 13, 2007



I agree- your mom must go at least once- but you can't do England in a single trip.

I hope you share many travel adventures together.


So you're metareading these days? People are always surprised that I rarely turn on my tv - but why, when I could read instead?!


OK, one of these days I'll go off to England. The problem is it will not be any of the Englands I really want to see. For example, Dicken's England, even with all its disgusting and totally unhealthy aspects. And what about Elizabeth I's England. Probably even worse, but still worth seeing. It is time travel for me.



Carrie K

John Sutherland's How To Read A Novel was pretty interesting too.

Books and knitting! That's what life's all about.

Kristin Nicholas

Lovely post. I've always heard that writers are the biggest readers so you are on your way. Hope the project is going well and you are having some fun too!


Hoorah for Charles Dickens!! I love that man's writing :)

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