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May 29, 2006



*fingers crossed* for you Oregon Cardigan adventure! :)

Gorgeous Sockapalooza socks! And I hope you are reinspired by your pirate socks, because they are soooo fun.

Carrie K

If the Oregon Cardigan is the lesser of that or Kaffe Fassett's Foolish Virgins.....good grief. But fabulous. It's amazing how soothing knitting can be, whether it's incredibly easy or torturously difficult.


Viral you say? Damn how did I end up catching it from you?? You have it way worse than I do. Oh well, go with the adventure sweater until the symptoms subside. I'll be waiting too.


Is Second Sock Syndrome contagious? That is the real question. Followed by did I spell contagious properly? Hmmm?


Hmmm, I think you may be on to something. tell the drug companies, I'm sure they'll come up with a pill for us suffering.

That sweater is beautiful, I am so inspired by fair isle. It really is just gorgeous.

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy

It's totally contagious- check a few other blogs.
I did do that sweater a few summers ago, and it really was a joy to work on. I never did find the right buttons though....


hope i don't catch that virus! love the oregon :-)


i'm experienceing my first case of SSS recently, myself. i have, however, found the exact cause. three words: toe-up pattern. good luck with that incredibly ambitious sweater in the mean time.


It seems as though SSS is definitely viral. You've got a lot of unloved socks happening there. I'm sure you'll get the sock knitting mojo back eventually.

Oregon is stunning. You can't help but be inspired by it.


So glad you like the socks and that they fit. I had such fun making them for you! :)


My, my..so, it's viral? I was taking my antibiotic (new projects) to see if it made them go away ;)

The cardigan is beautiful and I love your sockapalooza socks :)


I think it is a chronic disease as well... which is why I always cast on both socks and alternate back and forth because I suffer from acute and chronic procrastination syndrome of which second sock syndrome is but one variation. LOL


I love the way the skull socks turned out!!!! I'm close to starting my own. I'm scared; hold me!


Hi, 2nd sock syndrome can be treated with casting on both socks at the same time. work on both socks at the same time. IE. if you get up to take a break for whatever reason when you sit down again, deliberately take up the other sock. It's amazing how fast you finish a pair and have 2 socks that are the same size. Try it, it really works.

HPNY knits

sss best cure is to knit the two at once! its the best, and much easier than one thinks!
I am on my second pair of two at once. it seems at first it is going slowly, but when you get to the end- you got two!!


Those are all lovely socks just beggin' to be finished! :)

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