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January 28, 2006



heh heh sounds kind of like "how to NOT knit a dog sweater" as well. Only mine didn't work.... Is that the amazing MInou fashion line artist? She is a cutie.... Birdie has been keeping me busy so I have been neglecting Minou's fashions... I better get back to it.


Wow, and yet the sweater turned out very cute! Must've been a knitting miracle or two in there...

Ok, now someone's going to have to design you guys a Team Butterfly button. :)


Em looks great in her sweater. Ahem, your design process sounds rather familiar.
I'll be Butterfly-ing too.


both daughter and sweater are adorable!!!!!


The sweater is awesome! Good for you for just making it all up on the fly. It looks great! Love the stripes and the ribbing together. And you can tell she loves it too! Congrats!


That is a fantastic sweater and Em looks great in it.

And the fact that you can knit by the seat of your pants and make something so pretty shows you're a kick ass knitter.


Beautiful job on the sweater! :)


I think it looks great, and what a fabulous model! At least with the flat pieces, there's more structure to the sweater.


Your daughter does a great job modeling! Of course, that sweater looks way too good for having so many problems. I'm impressed. Your amount of FOs are slowly making me dizzy!

Carrie K

Daughter and sweater look fabulous. Who needs to plan?


What a great job you did on your daughter's sweater! And she looks so happy to have it, honestly! Always a good thinkg in my book.


that would have been better if I said, good thing! oops.


Not planning worked beautifully! Your daughter looks very happy with it.


Beautiful sweater and a beautiful daughter!


You designed it beautifully dahlink!
Butterfly is so gorgeous (but I was always concerned what I would wear under it?)


What a hilarious post! I absolutely LOVE the sweater! And you're right...the kid is pretty darn cute too!

Did you need to remind that I haven't done a damned thing to finish my Lizzy!

Carol S.

Great instructions. Great-looking kid (and sweater), too!


The sweater is lovely and she looks beautiful in it!


If you're not too bust with Butterfly, consider yourself tagged.

the subjects:

Four jobs in your life [best to worst]
Four movies you could watch over and over
Four places you have lived
Four places you have been on vacation
Four websites you visit daily
Four of your favorite foods
Four places you'd rather be right now
Four bloggers you are tagging


I wouldn't mind winging it all the time if my knitting turned out so pretty and fits so well too. I have problems even when I'm following a pattern :)


Beautiful sweater! And the colors/ribbing/stripes go wonderfully together. (I've done Step 1 before. The sweater was wonderful, but it didn't have any resemblance to my husband's build. Luckily, it did fit my brother-in-law.


What a great sweater! And your daughter looks so happy to wear it ... extra bonus points. Well done.


Wow. Nice Sweater. Looks great on the kid!
Oh, and your yarn is on the way!

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