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December 18, 2005



I actually stood with my head in my hands this morning as I couldn't work out how many wine glasses were needed for the dining table...how sad is that? I bet you get through your list without any problems and then you'll even have time to do your own socks and yes that is a reindeer flying by overhead, not pigs ;)
Keep smiling!


Santa would so not want you to have cold feet. Gorgeous colors!!


You should knit yourself a Superhero cape! One dinner for 15 people, that is impressive.


I don't know if Santa would want you to have cold feet or not! The handwarmers won't take long to knit, that's the good thing. And I'm assuming your scarf won't take too long either. You still have time, but clearly all the other things sound hugely stressful to complete before Christmas too!


Love the sock. That's quite the long list, I'm worn out by just reading it.


Glad you are getting a handle on the holidays. Me, I feel like the walls are caving in and I'm not even doing any holiday knitting!


Eeek! Ok, enough whining on my end...I *just* have knitting to worry about...

Nice job on the sock...I'm thinking I'll have to try me some Trekking one of these days!


My goodness! 15 people, you really are brave! I love the sock, the colors are incredible. Happy holidays!


Santa is a HUGE believer in warm feet. Especially for people who are trying to get so much done before Sunday!

Elizabeth D

It WAS worth the trouble -- my first thought on seeing that picture was, Ooooh, what is that neat pattern? I'm borrowing it for my very next pair -- thanks! And by now you've done all that stuff on the list. . .

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