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August 02, 2005



Sounds like a really good week! I loved that movie, and would love to see some more of this country's history. Living in the Midwest, we are somewhat limited on old history, but still there's enough.


YO. Happy Birthday. What right did you have keeping that little tidbit from me? Huh? I wanna know.


Fun places. I've never been to any of those. It's on my list for "someday".

By the way, since you asked on my blog, my daughter's birthday was actually the 24th, but since we weren't home that day, we celebrated this past weekend. So, I guess she doesn't share your birthday. Happy Birthday, by the way.


What great goodies! And if you were to come to DC you had better told me! My vote is that you do cast on for Martha. We can Martha along together...Lord knows you'll be done before I even get the sleeves! What's lurking behind the curtain will not disenagrate!

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