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Can I join in on this one - I am almost done with my first pair of Fuzzy Feet and I have two more pairs in the queue :)


I finished my feet! My camera is on the blink, so all I have is the pre-felting pic on the site. I'll have the finished product up when my good camera is back!



I'm done! You'll probably have to scroll down or go to the Nov archives :)


I'd like to join in too! I have 1 foot done - it's shown in my Dec. 4th post.


Done and DONE! They don't look exactly like the FF in the original pattern but I love them! There is a photo at my Blog.


I just finished a pair of Fuzzy Feet for a little boy. I made it the right size by first knitting a sock that would fit me, the felted it down. It ended up perfect!


Hi! I finally felted my fuzzy feet made from Cascade 220, plus another pair out of the recommended Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride. I won't be putting up pictures until after Christmas as one pair is a present. I am very happy with how the Cascade 220 turned out, but the Lamb's Pride pair shrunk A LOT more than expected. I planned them to fit a woman's size 9, and they turned out closer to a 6 1/2! But they are very fuzzy and cute. This was a lot of fun. Thanks for letting me participate!


Woo-hoo!! I finally finshed FF part deux!!

Bad Amy

Two more pair o' Fuzzy Feet in Noro Kuryeon... I love them! On proud display on my blog....


I finished Fuzzy Feet the Second. Using the Lamb's Pride Worsted resulted in the fuzziness that I wanted. The recipient was elated and amazed. Pictures are on my blog.

Anna from Finland

I finally finished my fyzzy feet and I haven't taken them off my feet once they dried. Ilove these and I plan to make several pairs of these. The report on my fuzzies can be found in my blog here:

The rest of the blog is in Finnish, sorry.

Horse Power

Mine are finished, too, and I love how they turned out! They're Lionbrand Fishermen's Wool, and dyed with Koolaid.



First pair of Fuzzy Feet DONE! They're in the Jan. 18th post.


Aaargh! I finished four pairs of Fuzzy Feet to give to my family members for Christmas, and had all kinds of good intentions to take pictures, etc etc. And of course, I got busy and forgot. But there was a green pair, and a pink pair, and a blue pair, and a brown pair. Everyone loved their Fuzzy Feet!


hey, i'm about to start a pair of fuzzy feet for my mom...she was size 12 feet, i know i have to make them long, but should i make the rest of the sock bigger too?

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