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I'm halfway through foot #1 - using magic loop. Updated my blog.



MBT is still drowning under ugly deadline, and may not be able to felt until she comes back from a trip to Colorado - Arrrrggghhhh I hate delayed gratification :-)



PS - I also took a trillion photos of the futzy parts after Heidi asked someone to, but haven't had ten minutes to put them on the blog.

Monday at the latest, I will let you know when they are up.


Bad Amy

Great idea! I was tempted to post pics of the wacky parts as well. When I worked my first pair of regular socks, I was convinced I had it all wrong but felt relieved after seeing just how strange they look while being made. The Fuzzyfeet pattern is a good basic learning sock - plus all the boo-boos will be hidden upon felting!

I splurged...I'm half way through the first foot in Noro Kureyon - yummy!


I would LOVE to see pics of the "futzy" parts of the pattern! This will be my first foray into sock knitting so I will need all the help I can get!

Bad Amy, you read my mind. The ease of pattern & the felted hiding any "boo-boo's" is exactly why I chose these!

I love Kureyon!! It felts so wonderfully! How much do you think you will use for the pair? I think I have a couple of skiens in my stash!! :)


I will be starting my first fuzzy foot tonight at my weekly knitting meetup. I am using some lovely Cascade 220 in a dark blue-green that I bought on a trip to Omaha. Wish me luck!


I have ... some challenges. I posted it on my website today. Apparently I was just a heelflap-knittin-fool because I have WAY MORE than twelve stitches to pick up on the sides. Help? Bueller? Anyone? Do I have to frog? bleh.

me and the counting = bad bad bad


I am using dpns for the whole project. Being new to socks it took me a few tries to figure out the heel turn. Maybe for the new-to-socks knitters a little more detail there! Another thing I've done with foot #1 is learning to knit "combined" on the heelflap - wrapping the purls clockwise, and knitting thru the back loop. Wow is that fast!



Hello Fuzzy Feeters! I just wanted to report that I have finished the gussets and am now about 2 inches to go before starting the toe things. This is such fun! :)


Umm. Hi again. I've just discovered that the pattern calls for Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride WORSTED. Not bulky. Hummm. Am I screwed? See my comment of only moments ago....I have only two more inches to go before starting the toe things...decreases. Crap. Am I doomed?


So, I was feeling pretty proud of myself for getting through one whole foot without help. Until I got to the very very last step. What's grafting the toe?? It says to graft the stitches together? just sew them together? should I bind off? very confused...help please!


Kristy- did you get gauge? If you did then I suppose when you felt them it will probably just be a thicker sock than with worsted.

If you didn't it might be gigantic.

Rachel- grafting is actually pretty simple. This is video that really explains it:

Just scroll down to the "finishing" section.

Good luck!


The feets.. they are felted :)

I plan to cast on for pair number 2 over the weekend!


So, I too have fallen into the "can't read a pattern" problem that you guys have. I'm knitting mine on one 16" circ from my Denise set. Am loving the functionality of the needles, but while doing the gusset decreases, was distracted by Survivor and did the decreases before marker 2 instead of after. Boy, does this thing look stupid. Off to the frog pond!!


Can anyone recommend any particular product or idea for making non-skid soles?

Donna (squitchinglady)

I just started my first fuzzy foot last night. I am already past the heel turn and gusset decrease. Now I have to knit to length and decrease for the toe. I can not wait to see how it all "comes out in the wash". I am using heavier yarn than called for. I let you all know what happens when I felt them. Other than that, I love fuzzy feet.


I finished my first pair of Feet last night and I hope to get around to a second pair soon.


Hi there!
Is it too late to join? I had already done one pair for my girlfriend's birthday present, and will be making another as part of my niece's Christmas presents. I used purl stitches for the "L" and "R" foot. I am hoping to use a different color this time instead of the purls.

Tara L

Kristy - I knit with the Lamb's Pride Bulky as well...only because I already had it in my stash. You should be fine. It will be thicker felted than using the Lamb's Pride Worsted and you may need two skeins like I did. You can see a picture of mine at www.frapgirl.blogspot.com. Scrool to the bottom of today's post.


Um hi! Having problems with gauge down here...
We seem to deal in plys in Australia, not in labels like 'worsted', 'bulky', etc. I've been trying to get gauge with some 8ply, but have just found a conversion table that tells me this is actually 'sport weight', or 'double knit' (!?!) So apparently I'm off to find some 10 ply/worsted - not that common here - in the hope that this works!

At this rate I should be well and truly cast-on by Easter. Send chocolate.

Fannie Pie

Finished one extra long fuzzy foot, adjusted for a large foot. Photo posted on my blog. We'll see if it fits! Having fun looking at all the fuzzy feet!


Hmm let me know how the extra long one goes. I've had about a dozen requests for them from people who want me to make them for holiday presents. I'm all too happy to do it, its cheap and easy.
However, one of them has a size FIFTEEN mens shoe..
suggestions .. anyone?
how do i adjust the pattern for that?


I just posted a photo of my knitted fuzzy feet. I will wait to felt them til I see my mom so we can fit them to her feet. It was a fun & quick pattern and would be a great intro to socks.

The Chickengoddess

Foot #2 done, felting tomorrow. Blog Updated. Beer chilled and ready to go.



finished! pictures are up at my blog. i think this is the tenth pair of fuzzy feet i've made in my knitting career.

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