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A good solution to slippery bottoms is puffy paint from the craft store. You can paint designs, put the recipients name, whatever you like on the bottom. It makes them like slipper socks with the rubber tread.


Question: I'm making a couple of pair as gifts for out of town friends. Whats the best way to block these so they aren't shaped like my feet but still look like feet?


Thanks for the tips on using a front-loader. Mine does have a pre-wash cycle. I decided to try it out with another item I made up - a bowl. I knit up a quick, small bowl and then felted using the method described. The bowl turned out pretty well. I'm finishing the second pre-felted "sock" today while I work on my computer.


I must have missed the front loader washer info. Does anyone have it handy? I'm wondering how to felt these things when they're finished. I have the first one done and am casting on #2


Frank, the comment about front-loader washing is in the comments section of the "Fast Start" commentary.

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