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Fuzzy Feet are finished, baby! I've got a pic up on my blog.


How do I post one of those cool buttons?
Thanks Heidi


I'm working on a couple pair -both in lambs pride bulky - both secret gifts so they're not to be photographed until the recipients have them - and until I finish them ;)

Off to check out everyone's finished ones!


i'm close -- just have to felt them

pictures are in my 11/11 post


Just got the pre-felting photos of the second pair up - thanks to all of you who have stopped by, makes me feel well-read!



I finished my first pair (felted & all) and will post pics on my blog tomorrow. I will also be casting on my second pair later tonight!

All the fuzzies look great!


I finished two pairs, both in Lambs Pride. One pair in peacock, one pair in sapphire.


finished also...i love them!


Mine just need to be felted as well - I mentioned that in a previous comment but havent been able to felt em yet
you can see them in my 11/7 entry


One Pair Down, One set to felt/dye and 1 bootie done on the third pair. I'm knitting as many as I can for gifts. Pictures on my blog.


I've got finished but not felted on my blog . . .


I'm slower than everyone else(but I've only learned the knitting last month so I think I'm doing all right)! I'm close to the end of my first Fuzzy Foot. I had a little trouble at first deciphering the heel flap and "pick up" instructions, but I made a lot of progress last night after Anmiryam and Mary Beth came to my rescue. I may actually finish a Foot tonight and maybe have a full set of Fuzzy Feet by the weekend.


Hey!! Sign my up for the fuzzy feet along!! I've already made 1 pair(pics on my blog), But I'm planning on making another!!


I am down to decreasing the toe on Fuzzy Foot #1. I'm a little behind as I got sidetracked by another pattern.


Ha ha ha...I have finally finished one Fuzzy Foot--imperfect but I don't care. I started the cuff of its mate last night.
Hip Hip Hooray!


I finished my second pair last night and posted pix this morning.
Great pattern!


Okay, I'm in. I cast on my first pair (in robin egg blue Cascade 220) this evening.


I finished my Fuzzy Feet 2: Flashing Boogaloo in Mmmmanos last night :) Won't be felted for a bit as it's for a gift. But she'll be my houseguest tomorrow night and I might have to give her giftmas present early :)


Done! Actually finished a week ago but forgot to update you all! Pics on my blog!

Bad Amy

Has anyone found a reference for sizing feet? Is there actually a system for shoe sizes, like men's size 10 is 10 inches or anything logical of the sort? This could be most helpful for those making gift fuzzies.


i just felted my fuzzy feet too -- just posted about it today


Just finished knitting my third pair, will felt them later today. 2 more pair for holiday giving to go!



1 down, 1 to go. I'm so excited. Might have to make another pair for a gift for Christmas, or perhaps for myself:)


I have a question about Fuzzy Feet as Gifts. I'm worried about felting and making them to small for recipients. Should I felt but not "all the way" and give instructions if they are too big?


My first pair are finished! They are in Cascade 220 and didn't end up as fuzzy as I expected. I think I must make another pair. Maybe I'll use some Lambs Pride that I have in stash..... Pictures are on my blog.

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