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My comment must have gotten lost in the netherworld somewhere. I have finished my first pair of fuzzy feet, minus the felting. They can be found in the November 14th entry. Everyone's feet are looking great!


I don't seem to have been added to the list yet, but that's alright. =) I've got one pair finished and another pair that will be done tonight. I'm loving these! As for the person asking about converting sizes, I found a table at shoes.about.com that gave the conversion from shoe sizes to inches for both mens & womens sizes. Hope it's helpful for others - I know it was for me.


I wasn't added either.. I have finished 3 pairs of fuzzy feet and one pair of fuzzy boots for the hubby....
thanks for the update!


Awww. Thanks for the honorable mention. :)


Yikes--I got a little carried away while watching TV--I'm not so good with the multitasking. I'm back to the beginning with Foot #2, but very excited about both it and my new career(life!) plans.


Okay, the final pix of Fuzzy Feet number 3 are posted (these are the Extravagant Fuzzy Feet).

And I too would like to know where the heck Aunt Purl is - didn't she start this KAL???

Love ya Laurie.....


Finally posted pics of my finished, slightly misshapen fuzzy feet!


I finished another pair this afternoon and just posted a picture. They are so quick and easy! I hope to get one more pair done before the holiday.


Thanks for the mention! (I managed to get them a bit smaller, so they fit now too!)

Bad Amy

Shoe size/inch conversion chart found! Thank you Tara (at http://staralee.blogspot.com/) who left this link in the comments on my blog. Very helpful!


I just finished my second & final (for now) pair. I put pics up on my blog!! :)

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