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I have finished and have pictures posted -- but I think I will have to make another pair, if only to get the full knitalong experience.


I have a question--how does the toe shaping work? When I got to the 3 stitches before the first marker each time I ssk then K then k2tog then k and repeat despite the second marker (as the number of stiches on the needles was growing smaller). I just want to be sure because I think it looks a little funky.


Tara- ssk, k, k, k2tog. This will make a "bar" of two knit stitches sandwiched in between the decreases.


I must be loosey-goosey, because even with US11 DPNs, I was off by 1/2 a stitch. So I just cast on 46 instead of 44 st. I am using some Lamb's pride I had in my stash and have one done already! Whoot!


Needle options: I'm using my Denises, following a tip from their website. Just like regular socks on 2 circulars, but for these it's size 11s on the business end (the needle onto which the stitches are knitted), size 6s on the other end (cause size doesn't matter there). It's working well with the recommended yarn.


ah!-- I knew something was amiss.
Thanks Christina!


I have finished knitting mine, but haven't yet felted. I used Cascade 220 (in Peacock) and did them mostly on circulars. When I reached the toe of the first one, I didn't have any dpns in the right size, so I made do with three sets of circs (one size 10 instead of 10.5) and became very confused. Before the toe of the second sock, I bought some dpns. These were so fast and easy! I will definitely be making more. I have some pictures up here if anyone is interested: http://www.flickr.com/photos/quellesurprise/sets/1240189/


I'm using homemade dowel-made 10.5 DPNs since I don't have a 16 inch circular in the correct size. I'm using Patton's Classic Merino for the wool (though I hear now that merino might not be the best choice) and the color is Peacock.


twig, what have you heard about merino that makes you think it won't be the best choice? It'll felt nicely and should feel wonderful. The only thing I can think of as a downside is that they may not be the most durable. But, with merino's great feel they will be well loved while they last.


Please add me to the list. I've got some Lamb's Pride in the stash and I'll be making some for my mom, starting tomorrow!


Ok, I must be missing something, but I'm a little lost on this heel thing. This is my first time knitting sock-like items, so bear with me. How does the first part of the heel work? I knit 11, then knit them again, then go into the work with 22. Do I just work 11 down and back, then pick up the next 11 and go on? What is that little ridge in there? Did I lose 11 stitches in there, or am I guessing right? HELP!


Shannon, check MBT's reply to Kristy's similar question yesterday. I've also replied privately, but it was probably wordier than you needed!


I knitted mine up with two circs. Because my sweetie prefers bulky socks I had to buy a second set of Denise's just so I wouldn't have to buy a whole bunch of Addis. :)


I'm using 2 circulars,too. It's going well after an unfortunate jump into the frog pond. I tried to start on one circ and immediately switched to two.


Hey Carry,

Keep getting an error message when I want to go look at your blog pix - can you re-post the correct URL?

Thanks - MBT
Who is so bogged down by Halloween stuff and actual work (blech) that she hasn't knitted since Saturday!


I'm knitting mine in Cascade 220 in the quatro multi blue thing.. (could be the peacock blue not sure). I'm doing most of it on 16" 10.5 addis, and worked the heel on two dpns while leaving the instep on the circ. I think that actually illustrated for me what socks on 2 circs would be like.

I am starting the toe decreases on the first one .

I spaced out while knitting the cuff and made it 5 inches, so i'm glad i bought the second skein of yarn.,


Oh oops I meant I've finished one sock LOL But I'm turning the heel on the second one now and should finish tonight. I'll post pics of my progress so far. And the requisite "sock as hat" photo :)


Has anyone tried knitting these with the Nashua Creative Focus worsted yet? I just started mine with this, and they seem a little flimsy...


Thanks everybody for the heel help yesterday. It worked out great. After a long day and a longer evening, I've just managed to get through the gussets tonight and now I am going to bed. I wanted to make at least some (though glacial) progress before giving up on this day.

Oh, and I am knitting mine all the way on dpns. I have some sick fascination with the things and I need with them whenever I can find an excuse.


I've got one foot finished in KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Coal (black). This one was started some grumblegrumble months ago, and all I needed to do was finish the toe decreases. I turned them inside out and did a 3-needle bind off instead of grafting.
I hope I can remember what I did when its time to do the second one!


Hi Anmiryam ~ I'd like to Feetalong, too. I haven't made any since 2003 when they were my first foray into sock knitting, and I think I'll get some gift ones ready, as well as a pair for me!


I am about to get to the toe of my first one. I am very curious about the method of using two circulars to knit these. I would love to see more pictures of this if anyone has any! I am using one circular. I'm afraid of dpns...

Tara L

So...I started and finished Fuzzy Foot #1 last night in Lamb's Pride Bulky in a moss green. (Who needs sleep??) (Anmiryam...I'll email a picture.)

One little tip...DO NOT try to do the heel turn while watching a scary movie in the dark. Because maybe even though you've done socks before...it will not turn out okay and you may have to rip back to the heel flap. Just sayin'.


Well my second foot is done, now searching high and low for the mesh bags so I can put them in the washer and hope for magic.

MUCH more interesting that getting all of the real work done that has been piling up....



I would like to join the knit along!! I plan to make some for a Christmas gift!

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